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Is lying to yourself the new driver?

I kind of stumbled on this oddity earlier today and thought I would share it.

Many of us who try to fight the ravages of aging resort to the health club in this never-ending battle. I used to be a gym rat, playing pickup basketball games three to five times a week. For years, two mornings a week I would hoop at 7:30 am with a great group of attorneys (mostly IP guys) before work, but then the right knee needed to be replaced.

Since then, my cardio is reserved to the Life Fitness 95X at the Centre Club in Gurnee. I do a full hour on it on level 14 or 15 and a five-minute cool down at least five times a week. The machine’s onboard computer alleges I burn 980-1070 calories during the workout. I don’t bring music with me, don’t watch the onboard TV, or even bring my phone. It’s just the machine and me for 65 minutes working up a sweat.

The oddest part of this ritual is how I have to lie to myself every time. As I start to push sore muscles I start telling myself……..”maybe I will just go for 20 minutes today?” At the 20-minute mark I start thinking “maybe I could make another 20 minutes and go to 40?” I have begun to realize, that when I hit the 30-minute mark, there’s no way I am getting off that machine until I do the whole hour and five minutes.

I also think it’s ironic that the misconception the general public has of attorneys – “they don’t work hard and the make lots of money!” Those of us who know better find the “they don’t work hard” portion of that laughable. I can think of no body of professionals who spend a greater portion of a day working than attorneys.

Now let’s circle the wagons back and talk about business development. Too many attorneys think they don’t have enough time to spend on business development. As a group you all need to get past that roadblock. If you ever want to be known as a rainmaker, you need to be spending 20 percent of your time promoting your business development efforts.

Maybe you should start by lying to yourself that you are only going to spend 10 percent? Trust me, once you get to 10 percent, the rest is a breeze.

Until the next time,