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For some unknown reason, many plaintiff attorneys think we are in business to work primarily with defense attorneys. I figured it was time to set the record straight.

That is only one of the reasons I decided to publish this list. By the way, it is not just for plaintiff attorneys but for defense and subrogation attorneys as well. Keep in mind that the majority of the credit goes to the quality experts I had in my stable.

The purpose of this list is to demonstrate the types of cases I have been involved with during my career and the caliber of attorneys I have been fortunate enough to work with on them. I have always strived to work with the best and the brightest on both sides of the aisle. I push our clients to reach for the same goal when seeking new business. Did you ever notice how easy it is to work with quality people/clients? It’s far less drama; I think we all need less drama in our lives.

The practice of law, as we all know, is a symbiotic relationship. Windows of opportunity open and close constantly and the door swings both ways.

Jim Kelleher Plaintiff Verdicts and Settlements

Kulisek v. Walgreens
David A. Axelrod, Esquire – David A. Axelrod & Associates P.C.
Med Mal/Wrongful Death
Drug abusing Pharmacist-provided wrong medication
Visual Strategy
$31 Million Dollar Verdict

Gabriella Cedillo v. Paramount Pictures et al
Todd Smith, Esquire-Power Rogers & Smith P.C.
Transformers 3 movie stunt gone awry-failed weld led to severe brain damage
Mechanical Engineer
$18.5 Million Dollar Non-Confidential Settlement

David Marshall, Inez & Johnnie Packnett v. Schwab Rehab Hospital
James Montgomery Jr., Esquire – James D. Montgomery & Associates Ltd.
Nursing Home Wrongful Death-broken shower chair leads to death by sepsis
$7.5 Million Dollar Verdict

Claire Putman v. Target Corporation
Phillip Hartnett Corboy Jr., Esquire – Corboy & Demetrio P.C.
86 y/o woman severely pummeled by electrical door
Mechanical Engineer – Visuals
$7 Million Dollar Non-Confidential Settlement

Cliff Baker v. General Motors
Michael D. Carter, Esquire-Horwitz Horwitz & Associates
Automotive Product Liability-positional asphyxiation/roof crush
Occupant Protection Engineering/Biomechanical Engineering
High $7 Figure Settlement

Jessica Shega-Fox v. Rick Raccoon Transportation
Kathleen Beardsley, etc. v. Rick Raccoon Transportation
Sean M. Houhlihan, Todd A. Smith – Power Rogers & Smith P.C.
Donald J. Aho, Esquire – Miller Martin PLLC
Wrongful Death-wheel off-post traumatic stress disorder
Mechanical Engineer/Bus Expert
$5.8 Million Non-Confidential Settlement
Ludwicka Syznalik v. Chicago Transit Authority
Tim Cavanagh, Esquire – Cavanagh Law Group
Wrongful Death-Run over by CTA bus removing her bike from bus bicycle rack
Mechanical Engineer/Bus Expert – Alternative Design
$5.45 Million Non-Confidential Settlement

Bethel v. Louisville Ladder
Thomas Friedberg – Friedberg & Bunge
Brain Injury/Industrial Safety Analysis-false latching ladder mechanism
Mechanical Engineer
Mid $7 Figure Settlement

Tammy Fowler v. HQ Entertainment Services
Michael D. Carter, Esquire – Horwitz Horwitz & Associates Ltd.
Personal Injury/Premises Liability on a 2 Horse Amusement Merry-Go-Round
Mechanical Engineer/Certified Amusement Ride Expert
$675,001 Verdict

Jibbie Jabbie v. Sportsfields Specialities Inc.
Joseph H. King Jr., Esquire – Joseph H. King Jr. Law Office
Personal Injury/Product Liability – Soccer Goal tip over
Mechanical Engineer/Alternative Design
$6 Figure Confidential Settlement.