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Subrogation Blogging


We have already determined that Blogging serves several purposes (all good) for attorneys and their firms. Blogging however creates some unique challenges for the subrogation practitioner. The key to successful blogging is to post frequent, highly informative and timely blogs, covering either/or cutting edge legal or technological changes or advancements as they relate to subrogation and recovery. Not only is it a great way to position yourself as an expert in a given subro area, but it also serves to separate you from your competition. The trick in writing an effective subro blog is being informative but at the same time not giving away any technological advantages you have learned to your competition. In many instances these days your competition may be in fact your client’s captive counsel.

Not only is blogging a superb marketing vehicle, it also serves as an inexpensive tool that may allow both you and your firm to get on the coveted Google radar. Some subrogation attorneys might be surprised to learn that some insurance carriers review and vet potential subrogation counsel by researching blogs.

Okay, let’s all agree this is a great tool for attorneys and law firms – so why aren’t more people/firms doing it? The answer is simple……time and the lack of it. For a blog to be effective the material requires frequent updating. The biggest detriments to blogging that attorneys give me “they just don’t have the time.”

The solution is Legal-Metrix, LLC. We can provide you and/or your firm with freshly written topical practice sensitive blogs every ten days, professionally written by an award winning investigative journalist.

You can find a sample subrogation blog on “Hoverboards” in our archives from December 2015. We are offering this service quarterly (9 blogs in total-a new one every 10 days) for the introductory price of $2500. If you are one of our first 10 subscribers, we will guarantee that price to you for one whole year. February 1st the price for blogging will be going up to $3000/quarter.

If you are interested, call Jim Kelleher at 224-212-9191 or email him at kelleher@legal-metrix.com