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About Legal-Metrix, LLC

Legal-Metrix, LLC operates in a very specific little niche and people are always curious just how we got there? They want the REAL story, not the “elevator pitch” nor the glossy professionally written corporate bio that is page 4 in every proposal that gets submitted to potential clients. What they want to hear is what real industry people say to each other after hours, when they are “coming clean” – having meaningful discussions with their guards down, after a long hard day in the trenches.

I am thinking that if I told you that, ever since I was a small child I have always wanted to help lawyers make more money, you would have a hard time swallowing that……..and rightfully so.

So here comes the moment of 100% absolute soul bearing truth that actually took me the better part of 40 years to come to grips with – I actually LIKE attorneys AND I like working WITH attorneys. The cat is out of the bag.

The “why” of it is quite simple – most of you are smart (who doesn’t want to work with smart people?) most of you are highly competitive (a great substitute for missing the athletic competition of our youth) and you probably still have the highest overall work ethic of any profession (who can’t respect that) Lastly and of equal importance, most of you genuinely care about your clients. Think about all those other professions out there where most practitioners are just “going through the motions.”

The “how” was a little subtler for me to wrap my arms around but it eventually came to me. I learned my profession from YOU. Maybe it started with my first taste by producing lit support documents way back in the days of MCI v. AT&T? It could have been the many years I spent traveling nationally doing document productions in environmental impact litigations, possibly while facility managing your copy and mail rooms, or perhaps selling you improved analytical law and legal research techniques?

Whatever the initial impetus, the past 13 years I spent marketing forensic engineering and expert witness services to you collectively sealed the deal for me. Although I am not a JD – you have welcomed me into your club and have treated me well for quite some time now. I feel it is now “on me” to reciprocate – to pay back the legal community for what it has done for me. I woke up on the morning of December 2, 2015 and decided that was exactly my new mission in life. Hence the formation of Legal-Metrix, LLC.

I think that is enough soul baring for one morning. If you or your firm needs to step up their marketing game, call me. I will try and teach you the art of relationship building and how to be perceived by your prospective clients as a “resource.”

Thanks to each and every one of you……………