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Insurance Defense

Insurance Defense work of all types has been the traditional bellwether for defense practices. With the recent advent of “vendor lists,” “reverse auctions,” 50% billable travel time, and 90-180 payment cycles, WHICH insurance companies you work with is now more important than ever.

If you would like a copy of my list of over 320 insurance companies, third party administrators, risk managers, brokers, self insureds, and adjusters that require defense work and with whom I have a relationship, please click on this link. This is a great way to see who your firm is not doing business with and could be.

In the current climate for legal services, there is nothing better than working directly with corporate clients. In our Business Development approach, Legal-Metrix emphasizes targeting corporations whose legal needs align both practice-wise and geographically with those of your firm. These are the best type of clients to land as they are more reluctant to settle early and usually fight very hard against all allegations. That said, these are not the easiest clients to land but definitely worthy of the efforts needed to pursue them.

Legal-Metrix can help develop individual scenarios for your practice areas to identify what would qualify as an “ideal new client” and formulate a strategy to pursue that goal.

Legal-Metrix can assist your firm’s attorneys at stepping up their game when it comes to developing, nurturing, and maximizing an effective network.

Legal-Metrix can develop and ghost write practice-specific blogs and update them every ten days for individual attorneys or practice areas. This will show subject matter expertise to potential clients as well as improve the number of hits your firm web site will get based on the frequency of new blog materials.

Client retention is important to any firm. Legal-Metrix can help you develop a retention campaign that measures the satisfaction level of existing clients with both your firm’s performance as well as their perceived value of your firm as their best legal option.