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If you are a sole practitioner or a plaintiff firm there is no better or less expensive way to mine for new referral business than sending out a monthly newsletter to former clients. A good newsletter not only promotes referrals and NEW BUSINESS, but also reinforces your name recognition and establishes your subject matter expertise in an area of the law.  Please spare me the myriad excuses why this won’t work because YOU ARE WRONG!

One of the great advantages of massaging this untapped database of past clients is it lets you operate under the radar. Unless a competitor sees your newsletter, they have no idea what you are doing, only that they keep running into you at the courthouse? Another advantage is almost every former client has a family, children, in-laws, possibly parents, and co-workers and you are tapping into that network. If you really think about it, referrals are the best clients – you don’t have to work as hard to retain them because they are coming to you pre-sold. Referrals are easier to work with and less resistant to accepting your advice.Think about the money you or your competitors are already paying monthly for Google pay-per-click,Yellow Page ads,TV, radio, billboards, FaceBook, Twitter or the marketing fad of the moment, and you are already sitting on this untapped source of revenue?

The simplicity of this thing is the beauty and what makes it work – we are not talking about publishing a legal tome full of boring case law that will never get read. Instead you are going to mail a 4 page newsletter that will consist of a one page (at most) article on a practice based theme. For Example: ARE YOU A VICTIM OF WAGE AND HOUR ABUSE? It could contain a section of common schemes by employers to deprive workers of wages, and then a paragraph of two on common fact patterns of wage and hour abuses. Lastly a paragraph asking them to call you anytime for legal help. The rest of this soft sell newsletter will contain a template of general interest articles, current events, puzzles, possibly a movie review and a current event article.Your total input in this process will be less than 30 minutes a month and the benefits will amaze you at a ridiculously low cost. The craziest thing is it will get read AND people will actually look forward to getting it monthly.

You select the area of law you are targeting, write a short article, and we do the rest. Interested? Call Jim Kelleher at 224-212-9191 or email him at kelleher@legal-metrix.com