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Why I have been laying low lately…………
(A MUST READ for all defense, plaintiff, and subrogation attorneys)

First let’s take care of the opening disclaimer. On our website http://legal-metrix.com I have recently updated and added to our list of defense and subrogation firms that I have either done cases with or have existing contacts at. The last time I peeked I had over 6,000 industry specific LinkedIn contacts. It is yours for free and should serve as a benchmark for who you should be looking at as potential clients. You get the lists for free and if you want to discuss them, call me at 857-525-9134.

Sadly many plaintiff attorneys suffer under the false impression that I am mostly working with defense firms. To counter that, on our website, you can also view my 10 largest plaintiff verdicts and settlements. My role in these was strictly as a facilitator of testifying experts, I was blessed to work with both great experts and great attorneys, and I am proud of that work. It gives you an idea of who I am.

Now let’s get on with the business of the day which kind of plays into the plaintiff/defense thing I started out with earlier. If you check my LinkedIn profile, I make a boast in my summary that “Switzerland cries themselves to sleep at night because they are jealous of my neutrality.” It is my way of utilizing poetic license to describe how I approach everything in the law, with no preconceived notions, no bias, and carefully weighing the facts.

Let’s take that a step further now and apply it to social networking. I’ll start this conversation by telling you in my former life Facebook was the bane of my existence. If you make your living as a testifying expert, and you are posting on Facebook, you are kidding yourself. Be prepared to eat your words at some point.

Which now brings me back to LinkedIn, which is rapidly becoming “Facebook Lite.” I bring this topic up not to condemn but to quantify. I hear many false marketing “gurus” praising social media as the cure all/silver bullet for boosting lagging sales and generating new business. There may be some small modicum of the truth in those statements but I purport they really don’t hold much water when it comes to developing new business in the legal community.

These avenues may get your firm increased exposure but how many of those people clicking on your site are genuinely viable customers/clients? And in the end, how many of those potential clicks can you really convert to paying customers? I remain unconvinced that social networking nets real defense clients for starters.

What I have concluded myself is there is no “magic/silver bullet” – there is no way around the “old fashioned way” which is meeting people face-to-face. It might be harder to do in our technocratic society but it is a much better use of our time with a much higher ROI. I’m not saying trash the website or stop the blogs, just remember what got you there in the first place.

Now let’s circle back to why I am laying low on LinkedIn these days. I guess I have just seen too many vile, hateful, divisive posts on politics and other topics. It makes me question whether LinkedIn is going to remain a viable marketing option for our company moving forward? As a poster I try to be a “good neighbor” – “liking” positive posts on topics of interest and “sharing” articles that I think have value in our mutual business community. I guess I am just seeing less and less that has real business value and wonder where the “next disruptive technology” that will fill this growing void is going to come from? To quote the legendary Dean, Vernon Wormer, LinkedIn is “on double secret probation.” For marketing to be effective you have to measure your results and get rid of what isn’t working for you. Let me know your thoughts on that topic at Kelleher@legal-metrix.com

Lastly I want to plug a favorite organization of mine, the Wounded Heroes Foundation. PLEASE don’t mistake them for the Wounded Warriors Project. I sadly watched their director, Anthony Odienero, painfully recount their issues on CBS news this morning. My personal opinion is that this is a decent guy who placed trust in people who betrayed him. PLEASE don’t let this keep you from supporting our military veterans who continue to need our help. To explain why we need to do this let me resort to a quote often mistakenly attributed to George Washington: “The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive how the veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by their nation.”

One of the organizations I support in this endeavor is the Wounded Heroes Foundation http://woundedheroesfund.net WHF is an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff, just volunteers and supporters coming together to serve our military Veterans. Please go to their website and read about the RIC-WHF Military Adaptive Sports Camps they have sponsored the past 8 years and while you are there, make a contribution, you’ll feel good about yourself afterwards. And know that 97 Cents of every Dollar given to WHF goes to its programs to serve and assist our disabled Veterans.

Until the next time.